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V-SOR,X Authors 2

Format: 7"
Cat. No.: PM23
Edition: 300

The single is now on pre-order!!... Coming to Peripheral Minimal is a classic of the synth-pop scene (at the time received criticism for alleged lack of emotion and musicianship), that exploded into the glare of the music press and into the bedrooms of thousands of trendy teenagers in the UK at the tail end of the 1970s and early 1980s. A time when technology was rapidly becoming affordable for the plethora of part-time synth addicts and electronic experimenters.

V-Sor,X (pronounced VEE-SORE-EX), originate from the midlands town of Lichfield (known as, rather disturbingly, 'field of the dead', in Latin!), an important (historically speaking) but unremarkable place. Founded in 1979 as a vehicle for Morgan Bryan, who influenced by the post-punk protagonists and the new-wave of electronic musicians, formed a band.

Here we present the first single by, 'V-Sor,X' entitled, 'Authors 2', originally released in 1982 on DOX Music, in a very limited edition of 300. The single commands prices of almost £100 on Discogs, and is a highly collectable artifact of an era of experimentation that perhaps no longer exists in today's world of instantaneous downloads and ridiculously expensive LP re-issues in almost (it seems) unlimited quantities.

From the V-SOR,X Website:

The Inception:

The glory of punk was fading but every month there were hundreds of groups releasing 7" singles with their own money. Lichfield was a pretty, middle class city just outside Birmingham, England. Very conservative and very safe. I had been in a punk band called 'the Nurses' and was only just getting to grips with my instrument, the guitar. I was desperate to start a new band so that I could improve my skills. There was also a great feeling of brotherhood between musicians at that time, predominantly because there was content behind lyrics and music was an opportunity for the dispossessed.

This new group was set-up by myself, Morgan Bryan, and Ian ('Rolls') Rowlands. Shortly after we enlisted a singer called Irene Keyes. Irene was a short, layered, giggling teenager with a stunning voice and a warm personality. At this point we were called Ambush Infancy but both name and singer didn't quite fit the image, which was more Stranglers than X-Ray Specs. After quite a number of rehearsals Rolls and I realised it wasn't happening and we asked Irene to leave the band. I never kept in touch with her but I hope she did well as she was very talented, unfortunately the parting wasn't completely amicable.

Many positive things came out of this union but mostly a good collection of tough songs which had been well rehearsed.

The Name:

Ambush Infancy was a comment on education in 70's Britain. This was the bus station approach to youth development. Thousands of travellers on too few buses that were all going one way to the same place. It was a bit too personal and a bit dated for the style of music that was being delivered.

We decided that a new name should be created that would/could only mean one thing, and that was the band. This was the era of The Police, The Cure, The Jam, The Stranglers, etc so 'the' was also out. A list was drawn up and the band and close friends were asked to pick their favourite. Amongst the names on the list were:

  • T-Tes-T (pronounced Tay-Tez-Tay)
  • Photas R
  • Qit
  • V-Sor, X

There seemed little debate, V-Sor, X was by far the most popular name on the list. As for pronunciation there was only ever one way, Vee Sore Ex, but we could live with 'Veeser X'. The best derivation I heard was 'Phise Or P' . . . . well your guess is as good as mine. Was it a good choice? Yes for the reasons it was chosen, i.e. it was totally unique. Unfortunately it was a marketing man's nightmare. A product that no one could pronounce and that punters couldn't second guess. Was it a band or a chemical treatment? I still love the name but would advise others against taking this route. may contain: 1 person, text


Wishing all our customers / friends and artists, a very Happy New Year!! Some very exciting releases coming up on Peripheral Minimal. More news soon... Plus we will be starting our Winter sale this coming weekend. Some items massively reduced! Be quick, we have limited stock of some titles!

Meanwhile, we have a new review of, 'Philippe Laurent - Phoenix 12"', but our good friends at Side-Line Magazine!;

Background/Info: Philippe Laurent belongs to the early French electronic & experimental school. This pioneer was mainly active during the 80s. Some of his work and rare tracks got re-released during the past few years. This vinyl reveals 2 new cuts plus one ‘early’, unreleased tracks from 1982.

Content: No doubt about it, Philippe Laurent is an artist from the 80s. His typical experimental- and minimal electronic sonorities will directly bring you back to the early days of electronics. It’s totally vintage like and the vocals also remind the typical production of the past. The new cuts feel like they were composed more than 30 years ago and still have this analog magic.

The extra cut on the B-side sounds like featuring different parts, but remains faithful to the sound of the artist. It’s dreamier- and even a bit pop-like while driven by a slow cadence.

+ + + : If you like the unique, vintage like sounds of early synthesizers, “Phoenix” will definitely satisfy your expectations. The new tracks don’t sound like they were composed today and are in the truest 80s spirit. I like this vintage sound, which will probably remind other and maybe more famous pioneers. The vinyl format reinforces the original taste of minimal-electronics. This vinyl is strictly limited, which will make it only more interesting for all lovers of this kind of sonic sensation.

– – – : “Phoenix” remains pretty experimental, which means that it’s not always the easiest electronic format to listen to. It first of all is a work that will appeal for the fans of this artist and other lovers of minimal electro experiences.

Conclusion: Even new work of Philippe Laurent has this particular vintage touch, which made this artist famous. This kind of music is that much more creative than contemporary productions made of predictable songs and structures.

Best songs: “Expostion 4”, “Phoenix”.

Rate: (7½).




Quick update! The Mitra Mitra 12" E.P., has surpassed expectations and is hanging on dearly with a few copies! You can of course buy them directly from the band, or through our distributor, Kudos Records: We also have some new items in our mailorder, of particular interest are the new and last 4 issues of Electronic Sound Magazine! The latest edition features a highly limited 7" of Conny Plank and D.A.F. We also have two re-issues of the Martial Canterel LPs, 'Sister Age', and, 'Drilling Backwards'. A pair of absolute classics! But hurry as everything is in limited stock. *Remember all UK orders are free of P&P.


PM21 MITRA MITRA The Flood 12" E.P. Out now! Available for download from Bandcamp: and from the store: Hurry, as they are selling very quickly!

"Their sound is notably characterized by the pulsating mechanics of drum machines, whimsical and danceable synth melodies, and grim basslines."
- Glitch

"Remotely tuned futuristic club floor fashioning courted with an ice toned Moroder imagining that ripe for lights lowered listening."
- The Sunday Experience

Video for the title track, 'The Flood'



Now available for pre-order!

mitra mitra was formed in Vienna in late 2014 by Violet Candide and Mahk Rumbae.

Originally from New Zealand, Violet Candide is a founding member of the Crazy Hospital DJ collective, and one of the organisers of the legendary Future Echo club night in Vienna, and is one half of Anesthetic Hairpins. British musician Mahk Rumbae is known for his work as a member of the industrial/experimental project Konstruktivists, Oppenheimer MkII (with Andy Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Analysis) and his solo techno project Codex Empire.

After working together on one of Violet's solo songs, Heat, the pair decided to continue working together as mitra mitra, with the aim of writing electronic songs not tied to any particular influence or style. mitra mitra have so far released a limited 7” single on Polytechnic Youth and a self-titled debut album on their own label Micromort Music – both of which sold out almost immediately.

For their new EP, released in conjunction with Peripheral Minimal, they present four new songs, including live favourites The Flood and One Universe, as well as Snakes and Phantom Flats. Rounding off the 6 track EP are two special remixes from LowSea, who remix Snakes, and IV/AN who remixes Blender (from the debut LP). Out November 7th!


Sorry for any delays to orders, we have been on a roadtrip around the Balkans! All orders will go out a.s.a.p. Meanwhile check out, 'Faten Kanaan's', new album, fresh from Polytechnic Youth! Also an exciting new release announcement: PM21 MITRA MITRA The Flood 12". A 6-track E.P., featuring the synth stylings of Mark Crumby (Konstruktivists / Oppenheimer MKII / Codex Empire) Pre-orders coming very soon!





Brigitte Enzler, aka Beta Evers, hardly needs any introduction. Either by herself or with some of her projects, including Black Spider Clan, or even through her (now defunct) label Kommando 6, she has amassed an impressive body of work. After last year's outstanding LP "Delusion", released by Daft Records, Beta Evers is back with this 12" EP, a split between herself and New York duo Spatial Relation, the musical vehicle of married couple Lissette and Jacob Schoenly. The EP is released on the Bristolian label Peripheral Minimal.

The three tracks on the Beta Evers side sound like a continuation of the "Delusion" LP, like a way of showing us the full range of her abilities and where she's going next. It starts with the relatively catchy synthpop of "Hiding", only to get darker and more atmospheric on the second track, the mid-tempo dirge "Soundtrack For A Tomorrow", with amazing vocals and eerie synth harmonies. The side ends with the even gloomier "Innerhalb Der Zeit", a beat-less piece of hazy and slightly disturbing music, featuring Heinrich Müller from Dopplereffekt and sang by Brigitte, completely in German.

Side B is definitely more up tempo, and possibly more upbeat as well. Spatial Relation is an electro duo that seems to have picked up from where ADULT. left off after "Anxiety Always", or even before that, in their earlier EPs and singles. The sparse 606 electro beats, the heavily echoed I-don't-give-a-single-fuck female vocals, and the overall production gives it a distinctive 2002-ish, even Electroclash-y feel, which is actually pretty enjoyable, and sits quite well as the more light-hearted cousin of Beta Evers' synth gloom. All in all the EP sounds cohesive, a great addition to the catalogue of this relatively new but really interesting label.

- Peek-A-Boo

"Less is more" in every detail of this release - from graphic artwork to the cover, to cost-effective melancholy content synthesizers (with the greater melancholy depths traditionally placed on the Beta Evers side). The whole of the album is coherent, although the musicians are different (albeit in a similarly similar way) styling within one genre - the synthesized variety of cold wave, minimal wave.

All songs from this album I recommend to listen repeatedly."

- Wavepress



Now available for pre-order!


Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce the imminent release of, 'Beta Evers / Spatial Relation', a six-track 12” E.P., that also features, Heinrich Mueller of Dopplereffekt. The six tracks contain the coldest of minimal synth and technoid darkness, underpinned by a melancholic sentiment. This is the third release by Spatial Relation on Peripheral Minimal, and the first by Beta Evers.

Brigitte Enzler aka Beta Evers, grew up with the New Wave and experimental electronics scenes in the late 70's and early 80's. In her teenage years she founded a girl-band and started her first record label at the age of 16, to independently release and distribute the music of her project. During the early 90's Brigitte started to arrange gatherings / parties, (electronic music) for local underground clubs in her home city of Augsburg, Germany.

In the year 2000 she founded the electro collective Kommando 6, and in 2001 she decided to run a label again, under the same name, Kommando 6. Finally, in the same year, she started to compose and produce her own tracks independently. Besides her solo-project, Brigitte collaborates in a side-project with Dystronic called, Black Spider Clan, which began life in 2002. Furthermore she is involved in, Flying Bodies and Radikale Analog Fraktion. In 2006 she closed the Kommando 6 label after it had released 20 records. More recently she started 2 new labels called Bodyvolt and Venus Noir.

Married New York based couple, Lissette and Jacob Schoenly founded Spatial Relation several years ago, and have sporadically released classic technoid synthwave / minimal wave, akin to fellow US act, 'Adult' who are also a major influence. Their first full length LP has been critically acclaimed, and the three tracks herein continue their twisted electro sounds.

The 12” is limited to 300 copies.



Peripheral Minimal is proud to present the new 12" by the French electronic pioneer, Philippe Laurent, entitled, 'Phoenix'. This will be Philippe's second release on Peripheral Minimal after the infectious synthetic classic 12", 'Mithra'. Phoenix is a three track E.P. featuring two brand new tracks on the A-Side, 'Phoenix' (featuring Philippe's trademark robotic vocals), and, 'Agapao'. Meanwhile over on the B-Side, we have the 13-minute electronic opus and highly representative of his early work, 'Exposition 4', a never before released track from Philippe's extensive archive, and recorded in 1982.

"As Philippe Laurent's second release on Peripheral Minimal records, Phoenix is a three-track EP that harps back to the producer's early days as much as it looks forward. Influenced mainly krautrock pioneers Kraftwerk, his wave of electronic is minimal yet bold with retrofuturist themes." - Norman's Records




Now available for pre-order!

Peripheral Minimal is proud to present the new 12" by the French electronic pioneer, Philippe Laurent, entitled, 'Phoenix'. This will be Philippe's second release on Peripheral Minimal after the infectious synthetic classic 12", 'Mithra'. Phoenix is a three track E.P. featuring two brand new tracks on the A-Side, 'Phoenix' (featuring Philippe's trademark robotic vocals), and, 'Agapao'. Meanwhile over on the B-Side, we have the 13-minute electronic opus and highly representative of his early work, 'Exposition 4', a never before released track from Philippe's extensive archive, and recorded in 1982.

The E.P. Is representative of Philippe's latest forays into contemporary synth music, but still with a retro futurist edge and influenced partly by German pioneers Kraftwerk / late 70s Kosmische and au courant electro / synthwave acts, fitting into the current enthusiasm for early 80s synth pop and minimal wave.

The E.P. is presented on white vinyl and limited to 300 copies. Mastering by Martin Bowes @ The Cage. Pre-orders are now available!



Peripheral Minimal is proud to present: 'Synthetiqué: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982-2016'.

Almost a year in the making, with tracks having been mislaid or buried underneath piles of original demos, then reconstructed and remastered! This compilation aims to highlight the core elements of French Synth-Pop from it's earliest incarnation to newer acts influenced by the earlier protagonists distinctive sounds and retro imagery. There will be many a familiar name here, and perhaps a few unknowns. It is not an exhaustive list of the acts associated with this particular 'scene', but a tribute to the idiosyncrasy and diversity of French analogue music.

Many of the tracks are completely unreleased or are early demos. For the aficionado we hope this fulfils a rediscovery of old classics or to the late-comer a decent collection of tracks that serve as an introduction to the uniqueness of French Synth music and the burgeoning new scene.

Conceived and curated by Jason B Bernard. The album comes in a luxurious digipak and is limited to 500 copies. Artwork by Oleg Galay and remastered by Martin Bowes @ The Cage. A big thank you to all the acts involved!

Tracklist: Philippe Laurent Rapide 2 (1982) / Art & Technique Lovers (1983) / No Unauthorized Crocodile (First Version) (1984) / End Of Data Breathless (1984) / X-Ray Pop La Machine À Rêver (1984) / Atom Cristal Con Palabras (1985) / Adn' Ckrystall Bubbles Of Memories (1992) / Love In Cage Position (2011) / Guerre Froide Aliénés (2014) / Peine Perdue Fausse Compaigne (2014) / Déficit Budgétaire Sortie De Route (2015) / - OGIVE – Visée (2015) / Mad Masks Insidiae (2016) / Philippe Laurent Exposition 7 (2016)



New review of 'Mithra' 12" by Philippe Laurent!

With "Mithra" Philippe Laurent delivers a very interesting EP (released on Peripheral Minimal) from the borderlands between Electro and songoriented Indie Music, filled with great melodies and strange electro-discoid sounds for off-kilter clubs. Laurent (who's in the game since early 1980s, not only as a musician but also as a multi media artist) obviously is in love with synthezisers and this love manifests in two versions of each "Mithra" and "La Tentation De Saint Antoine". The synths shimmer and sparkle in dark lights and robotic voices whisper all over the place, touched by pioneers of electronic music as Kraftwerk, Lothar Manteuffels Rheingold and the minimal wave scene. While the "La Tentation De Saint Antoine" versions are more minimalistic, with sparse but complex structures, the "Mithra" versions push the connaisseur with blazing sounds and this big french beat. Cool stuff. (Joao Geck)


Out now!

PM18 IN NAMEN DES VOLKES Aus Den Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern CD

Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce the album, 'Aus Den Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern', by In Namen Des Volkes.

INDV is the brainchild of Hamburg resident Matthias Schuster (also of Bal Paré, Das Institut, Geisterfahrer and others), and creates a more heavy-weight style of Minimal Synth in the spirit of D.A.F., or even early Front 242. The tracks were taken directly off cassettes and reworked with added vocals, whilst maintaining the original 80s recording techniques of 4-track and purely analogue instrumentation, strictly no plug-ins or digitalism here!

Matthias has been actively producing complex synthetic sounds since the late 1970s, having released seminal albums and singles on respected labels such as, Plastic Frog, Minimal Wave and Medical Records. His passion for all things analogue seems to be irrepressible, devoting a considerable amount of time to myriad projects each with their own unique qualities and sonics. He musically switches from Neue Deutsche Welle stylings, to Minimal Synth and proto-EBM with great dexterity and a rare continuing dedication.

The album is presented in a luxurious digipak and limited to 300 copies. Recorded between 1980 – 2015. Artwork by Kilgore Trout.


Peripheral Minimal is welcoming Doric to their quarters.

Doric is the moniker of the purist, Stathis Leontiadis (Human PuppetsExetixPlexiglas). Being involved in various avant garde/new wave music projects since 1996, intrigued by the 'all' analogue mentality of the late '70s - early '80s music field, he is passionatelly commited to vintage synths and machines, creating a very distinctive and specific style and considered by many as a “specialist”.

On this release,the main subject of the record is creative interplay. The first side (the “Asleep”side), includes songs, written by the artist alone, using sleep as a metaphor of loneliness and seclusion from the oppressive, everyday society that smothers anything unique under the struggle of daily routine. However, on the second side, Doric mutes his skeptic, internal monologue for a bit and collaborates with two very talented and like-minded artists, Pascal and Valisia OdellPascal(FoucaultNoisetoyLudmilla) is an ingenius multi-instrumentalist and an old friend of Doric andValisia Odell (Phoenix CatscratchStrawberry PillsFather Breath) is one of the most charismatic voices in Greece, with a very distinctive and enchanting vocal hue.This friendship results to the second side (the “Awaken” side), a critical view of what our society translates into artistic and life success in general. A simplified formula that often leads to bury our most creditable truths, in order to become a pattern, easily readable and understandable by the masses.The overall essence of this record however concludes to a rather optimistic dream of a utopian reality,where everyone can create unobscured. The value of each effort can only be appreciated through time.

Limited to 300, black copies with the distinctive “Doric” handmade artwork,a homage to the D.I.Y. Ethos, an infusion from the past but a promise of a future.




OPPENHEIMER MKII Another Nightmare 7"

Oppenheimer Mk II is Andy Oppenheimer and Mahk Rumbae.
Andy Oppenheimer – Singer, songwriter and formerly one-half of 1980s synth-pop duo Oppenheimer Analysis, one of the leading bands of the ‘minimal synth’ scene, and inspiration behind the Minimal Wave label.

Mahk Rumbae – Electronic musician and producer known for his work with long-running UK industrial/experimental band Konstruktivists. Andy and Mahk joined forces after performing together at Vienna’s legendary electronic music venue Rhiz in April 2012, and discovering a shared love for for 1960s pop and 1980s synth music.

After their debut album ‘The Presence of the Abnormal”, released in 2013, and the Line of Sight EP released in 2015, the band return with a new single ‘Another Nightmare’ on Peripheral Minimal. The two songs ‘Another Nightmare’ and ‘The Presence of the Abnormal’ were originally featured on their debut album, and now this new single gives these complete new versions of these two songs a new lease of life as well as being available on vinyl for the first time.




Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce the forthcoming, Paradox Obscur album. 'Anacrusis'. This is their second album and their first on a full-length LP. Now available for pre-order.

'Anacrusis' is a massive dark monument full of analog tendencies to conquer the dancefloor... an album of complex Coldwave and Minimal Synth. Rapidly becoming a cult act, this album will surely become a classic of it's genre, and will hopefully please new and current fans of the band. Another milestone for Rhodes' finest.

Paradox Obscur use only hardware synthesizers and everything is performed and recorded in real time without the use of software.

The LP will be limited to 300 copies. Releases November 24, 2015.

Mastered by: Glass Dancer
Artwork by: Jån Vinoelst



While a newcomer to the label, Laurent is an established multi-media artist who is well-known for his work in fields ranging from plastic arts and music to graphic and digital codes. He has been active in the electronic music scene for decades, first emerging from the French underground in the early 1980s. However, in recent years, his music has been discovered by a whole new audience of appreciative listeners. This is due in large part to key reissues and new releases of Laurent’s archival material, beginning with his popular 2011 full-length vinyl LP on U.S. label Minimal Wave, which was followed by releases around the globe on labels such asElectric VoiceGirouette, and Serendip.

While Laurent historically has executed much of his musical production under the pseudonym Hot-Bip (a name also used as the title of a 1983 cassette release), theMithra EP is presented instead under his given name. The four-song release, which is comprised entirely of new material from the present day, includes two different versions of the title track as well as two versions of “La Tentation de Saint Antoine.” Defying genre-specific categorization, these songs incorporate influences from techno, electro, and synthpop while sounding starkly contemporary and capturing a beautiful subtlety of sound.

Philippe Laurent’s general approach to art is one of research, specifically in addressing perception of signs and symbols. In conjunction with this research, he has always remained open to new technologies, whether composing musical works or creating graphic designs. This tendency is on full display in the Mithra EP, where complex electronic sound design creates a densely synthesized backdrop for hard-hitting, dance-floor-friendly beats. All of this is accompanied by unusual vocal additions—both human and otherworldly—that range from ethereal whispers to robotic, Kraftwerk-styled enunciations.

With the Mithra EP, Laurent has created resolutely original electronic music for modern times. Indeed, the EP reveals an artist with an incredible history working at the height of his impressive skills. The release is available July 28, 2015, in both digital and vinyl formats. The latter is presented in a limited edition of 500 copies on grey solid-colored vinyl, with a sleeve designed by Laurent himself and Oleg Galay.


PARADOX OBSCUR 'Noir' 4-track tape E.P. Limited to 50 copies only! Pre-orders available soon. Meanwhile, PARADOX OBSCUR'S debut self-titled album achieved second place on Dark Devine Magazine's top 14 albums of 2014! See the list here The album is still available as a download or limited CD.

Meanwhile some more exciting new releases coming soon!


HIDDEN PLACE 'Retrospettiva: Vol.2', OUT NOW! An 11-track CD album that contains 9-tracks of re-imagined / reworked classics from their first four albums. Also included is an unreleased track from 2008 and a brand new track that marks a slight change of direction into more melancholic post-punk / synth.